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Not traditional medicine nor alternative medicine or any other method could of unveil the leading cause of illness because they treat the result without giving attention to the reason and because their style approach is unable to select it.
All the work done by man that was on the level of thought - emotion or when transmitted to an act that would be subject "to the law of reward and punishment established by God within our consciousness
This law determines the reaction that would come with the act, as determines the date of execution of the judgment which is either reward or punish us. Implementation date may be immediate or may extend for years or even for life cycle again.
Command is received in two ways, the first method: If a person is not aware of his work for his ignorance of the reason being happened in another life will be exposed to pain (disease - difficulties - psychological pressure ...) and the severity depending on the quality and level of act or conduct the sinner, every act is linked reaction specific meticulously by the Creator
The second way: in the case of rights on the work undertaken via the same components esoteric knowledge can debug across multiple positive actions, then it is possible, cancel the negative effects of the work.
The third way: If non-human way of life towards affirmative action, in this case, cancel the positive effects of its negative reactions to his work, even if you do not realize what he had done to be equal to or higher than the result of what he had done.