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Energy Relationship

*Energy and its relationship to disease*

Mental powers are the embodiment of prana, or vital energy, that can only be tuned across these powers only, and not another. Breathing is one of the vital energy, and energy is a vital breathing, and presence of human lungs make them breathing. The embodiment of vital energy within the body is through:

1- Breathing movement.

2- Course nerves.

3- Thoughts and feelings.

4- Mind.

5- Energy.

That each case of the above mentioned linked to the second, which is that the first set would lead to open the following. Via the respiratory control system we can stop the movement of the lungs, stop the work of the nerves, mind, desires, and energy as well.

Adjusting the respiratory system does not mean self-restraint which we breathe, but:

1- Adjust the breathing muscle movement.

2- The energy distribution of the non-needy organs of the needy organs of her, because the diseases are a result of energy leakage from one of the organs of the body. Thus Across evenly distribute power can be free from the disease and weaknesses

*Energy and their relationship with food and Weather*

When you eat food or drink cold, energy absorbs that cold leads to the slow movement within minutes of eating, and upon the arrival of energy for the brain gets the latter sluggish, infected human desire to sleep.

*Way interaction bioenergy heat and cold*

The health status and psychological for everyone is linked to the level and amount of bioenergy located inside the body, which in turn affected the activities of this body: Drugs and tranquilizers - smoke - alcohol and stimulants - drinks and very warm cuisine "very cold" - exposure to extreme emotions suddenly - exposure to extreme pressure for a long time and continuously - severe stress and continued to work. All of the above leads to a significant waste of energy, but it becomes very dangerous and even deadly if accompanied with a direct and significant waste of vital energy through sexual activity associated with the comparable periods.

There are many reasons leading to the change in the pattern of acceleration or deceleration and direction of energy outside the specified path inside the spine due to excessive heat and cold.

Bioenergy keeps the balance of body heat and cold, and is affected by high or low temperature cooler: Food - Drink - Weather - bath - very lean body "and the body too chubby."

When you move bioenergy and partially abnormal upward, are affected by heat or cold is produced by the disease follows will be mentioned. The main cause irregular movement of vital energy within the normal, bioenergy goes in other directions, due to obstruction of aisles positive negative right hand and left hand inside the spine.

A - When vital energy absorption cooler, resulting in:

1 - Stomach: pain, severe diarrhea.

2 - liver: trailing gases, laziness for the work of the liver.

3 - Heart: impulses disorder, and a feeling of pressure.

4 - lungs: breathing disorder can turn to the case of asthma.

5 - head: severe pain, heaviness, slow intellectual, cold feeling.

6 - Ombagu: chronic pain in the back.

The effect of cold may continue for several days in a single center. Mentioned pain can not be processed through the final medication, because it is temporary then those pains will appear once again.

B - When the absorption of vital energy to produce heat when:

Sexual organs: feelings, thoughts and sexual desires: the weakness of nerves - out semen involuntarily in order to reduce heat and prevent blotting to prevent urinary tract injury that lead to hemorrhoids. The survival of the heat for a long time will lead to a waste of energy and sperm to the overall fatigue of the body and its organs, cough, jaundice, poor memory, indigestion wishful thinking - Jaundice - a sudden cough - indigestion - weakness or loss of memory – weakness in the physical and mental activity together - fear - hatred - constipation - a burning feeling in the area of ​​the spleen and urinary bladder - A heart disorder - a sense of insomnia and lack of sleep - mental frequency - loss of vitality, and lack of rest - These disorders may cause to mental breakdown and insanity and stop the work of the urinary tract with time and trouble in circulation and to the emergence of hemorrhoids. In this case, the body will be tiny and weak from inside and causes many diseases… Because of the collapse of the energy necessary to the vitality of the body, which can lead to death.

Upon arrival of the head have a strong ideological focus - better productivity for this work in the case of the evolution of consciousness, otherwise there is suffering when they arrive: dreams, insomnia, fluctuating opinion, mental weakness.

The deficit: the feeling of a kind of internal combustion or twitching painful.

Can heal all of these cases, in addition to a state of delirium or fever caused by the heat and a lot of mental disorders across the garment wet heat relief with replaced every twenty minutes, exposing the anal area and sexual organs of cold water throughout the twenty-four hours.

The flow and the impact of energy continue during sleep, leading to what his reflection of the positive and negative impacts have campaign during the day and shows it all through the dream.

Upon arrival of the heart instead of heading towards the head bioenergy are heading towards the left hand across the energy corridor that connects between them leads to a sudden feeling numb for a while, and the inability to use the left hand for some time.

Partial climb affect the behavior of the negative person will show him through negative dealing with others: lack of correlation ideas together. - Transition from one idea to another before the end of the first. - A sense of some of the deficit.

A person’s positiveness will appear more positive with the continuity of the escalation of bioenergy his actions will turn for the better.

All diseases can be healed through clean energy corridors, in order to return to its normal course, right through the respiratory system adjust sexual energy wastage.

(Each process out of the sexual energy or semen through sexual activity equivalent to 24 hours of deep and continuing study. Equivalent to 72 hours of physical effort and three consecutive days or 9 days of normal operation) And through interest: food, drink, bath, and the weather there is a close relationship between them and the vital energy, and this affects even the knowledge of students who follow the exercises in the event of failure to follow the above-mentioned clean energy corridors. This respiratory system can be exercised by everyone, morning and night, leading to clean hallways and re-work energy to walk in the normal path.

Of advantage of this system to get rid of laziness, drowsiness, phlegm from the throat, intellectual lethargy. Vigilance of permanent Per things, adjust the heat and cold Automatic for the flesh, to get rid of chronic diseases and pain resulting from cooler weather and heat, and also "It raises energy to the upper levels, which will lead to the development of spiritual awareness.

Respiratory system relies on holding your breath inspiratory and expiratory within a specific organization and for a specific time starts half an hour and could continue for an hour of time.

The moderation in the degree of heat and cold food we eat and drink, Aaptaad from food and drink very hot "or very warm" during the height hot weather and avoid drink and iced taste during low temperature.

The foregoing leads to disorder movement of energy and the emergence of diseases that have already been mentioned. As the state of the body is very meager and "too fat" to keep the whereabouts of energy in the low spiritual centers, especially when organs which prevents genital ascent towards the top because of the wastage of bio-energy outward for many reasons.