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Treatment Methods

1 - Various therapeutic methods.

There are a lot of ways therapeutic rolling out, including:

Light: direct light of a specific color towards the body, different color of light with different health status - Audio: relying on the sound of music, readings of the Koran, where its impact on the awareness of Internal Medicine - Chinese needles: It’s inserted through the skin and the vital energy corridors - the pressure on the passage of energy points - bees: Bee placed on the skin to curl skin, and the material produced by the bee help in treating certain health conditions – Prayers: That can lead to healing in cases of certain health - visit religious places – using spirits healing: where the processor becomes the body of broker used by the spirits of healing and conduct operations without the use of surgical equipment - conventional medicine: Conventional treatment depending on the drug and surgical procedures - Alternative Medicine: Which has widened its therapeutic means: herbs, massages, physical movements, ... - yoga - different kinds of fasting: Fasting with eating small amounts of food, or fast with drinking water without any additions only for the duration of fasting - Hypnosis - Reiki: directing energy out of the hands towards patient - Healing by the spiritual radiation: Energy could transcend all barriers to the place which is the most effective.

Note that there are three types of therapeutic methods:

1 - Minimum: that rely on material: Pharmaceutical - herbs...

2 - Central: Depends on the psychic powers: bioenergy - Prayer - visit religious places...

3 - High: Depends on the inner mind: healing via spiritual energy radiation.