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Respiratory system

We offer you some effective therapeutic methods in the treatment of common diseases:

2 - Breathing system: to get rid of the flu, colds.

Exercise is implemented through 2 ways: 1 - sit down, back straight, face forward, hands on knees, or 2 - and recumbent position on the back. Head height of about 5 cm. The status of your hands to the side of the body and feet aren’t attached. Can be seen towards the wall clock for getting used to the timing and then close the eyes at a later stage. Stomach be free for three hours prior to exercise.

Gets ready through a long inspiration from the nose and a long exhalation of mouth and repeat it four times.

(The numbers indicate the number of seconds).

Can start with number 3, for example, (which means 3 seconds) (3 inspiration - 3 imprisonment – 3 exhalation) and then climb gradually up to number 21.

Based on 21 units and each unit consists of:

(21 seconds inspiration, imprisonment same 21 seconds, 21 seconds exhalation.) Repeated 21 times.

In the end we repeat the process of inspiration from the nose and exhale from the mouth lengthy to restore the body's bio-energy and natural setting, before they emerge slowly from the position where we were and finish the exercise. Repeat the process in the morning and evening.

Of the benefits of breathing as well as to get rid of the flu:

* Improve the process of fully digest food and get rid of the gas.

* Increasing and improving the process of urine and feces.

* Improvement in memory, and remember dreams.

* Feeling more comfortable during sleep.

Inhalation contains 21% oxygen, 12% and exhale oxygen. Majority of people are using 6 \ 1's ability to absorb the lungs. Mostly be used upper part of the lungs, while the lower part is the place where bacteria lives is very slow due to the change to air and temperature. (If the amount of air inside the lungs during inhalation is 500 cm and the amount of air during exhalation is 350 cm the continuously remaining 150 cm). The aforementioned respiratory system to clean the bottom of the lungs of inside stable air (150 cm), because it causes air to get rid of the old and the entry of new air and cell regeneration, which prevents influenza and other bacteria associated with the lungs. Who’s doing the exercises should not be infected with any bidder healthy exercise may lead to duplicate.

The respiratory system is not only linked to the entry of oxygen but it enters the body's vital energy, which positively affect all organs of the body.