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Fasting on water only to increase the power, to prevent and get rid of the disease.

Fasting is very important to heal many of diseases conditions, that if the person could carry fasting for a specified period to heal.

Must prepare well to fast until we get the best result: get used to it be fasting for 24 hours for several weeks, then two full days for the same period, and then begin the long fasting.
Drinking water temperature must be the same as the room temperature.

Terms of fasting.

The impact of the drug be the largest when fasting one who should avoid fasting for those dealing with drugs. - Keep the mental and physical state. - Lack of exposure to cold and heat. - Drink water only when thirsty. Water is essential to keep the work of the kidneys.

Fasting phenomena.

Unpleasant odor and taste of the mouth and tongue is clean if a high amount of toxins, which are afraid with the progress of fasting.
Smelly stools. – Dark urine and heavy. - Sleep for a short period. - The feeling that the foot are cold. - Pain in the head. Inside the stomach acidity. - Feeling some emotion. - Some skin infections. - Runny nose.
- Gases. - Thinner. Vomiting. - Diarrhea., - Increase the heart rate and then decline. - A little hair loss. - Weak sexual ability.
The all fasting phenomena are means of showing the process to get rid the poison’s body, but disappear after a few days or a week.

Some of what fasting can heal:

Fasting can be extended from one day up to ninety days. Consumes the body first surplus materials such as grease and sugar.
Percentage of weight loss will be about 2500g the first three to four days to be up to a few grams in the long stages.

Benefits: the muscle of the heart relaxes due to lower heartbeats. - Renew the cells. - Rest the digestive system and get rid of waste and toxins. - The disappearance of stains on the skin and the acquisition of Assembly. - Gets rid of cholesterol. - Migraines. - Inflammation of the sinuses. - Sciatic pain - Ombagu. - Diabetes. – Psoriasis.- Anemia. - Asthma. The - varicose veins. - Rheumatism., - Inflammation of the joints. - Inflammation of hemorrhoids. - Jaundice., - Hearing impairment. - Tinnitus. - Bronchitis. - Improved sexual estimated. - Renewal of the skin and the disappearance of wrinkles. - Eyes more clarity and improvement in vision. - Improved for all the senses. - Increasing muscle strength. - Hair gaining strength and increase growth.

Fasting period required for the aforementioned two weeks until forty days.

Stop Fasting.

We control our sense of hunger during fasting, when much of this desire - Falling extreme heat, low weight below 30% then we stop fasting, and the gradual return of food starting with "drinking fresh fruit juice fluids for four days and then fresh fruit to stomach to return to its normal functioning, and then we eat the usual food after a week. If we had a severe food directly after a long fasting will feel pain in the stomach because they are in stable condition throughout the period of fasting and cannot digest food normally.
You should pay attention to the quality of the food because the body re-gain weight quickly.

The advantage from the spiritual terms: increased energy and improved all the senses and mystical powers, it is a broad field to enter the meditations and spiritual work, those who have the ingredients.

4 - General Information.

Treatment of certain diseases, certain types of food and drink:

1 - head ache, headache: Eating fish protein component of fish oil and stop headaches, ginger also helps to relieve the heat and pain coming from headaches.

2 - high temperature or fever: eat yogurt or milk in abundance before the pollen season flowers.

3 - clogged arteries: Drinking tea regularly lead to get rid of fat on the walls of the arteries.

4 - insomnia (difficulty sleeping). Honey helps to calm and relax the body.

5 - asthma and thoracic crises: Red onion helps in the expansion of pulmonary bronchitis.

6 - inflammation joints: salmon, tuna, sardines, prevent arthritis.

7 - gastrointestinal disorders: banana calms intestinal disorder, and the ginger is heal intestinal disorder that occurs am, "and also" for self-evident.

8 - cystitis: Cranberries contain a high level of acid which can control the harmful bacteria.

9 - bone problems: Pineapple contains Magnesium which helps in the treatment of fractures and bone deformity.

10 - menstruation or menstrual cycle in women: A Alcorn Flex protects women from menstrual effects, leading to reduced fatigue, anxiety and fatigue.

11 - memory impairment: oysters doubles intellectual work because of the presence of zinc.

12 - Cough: red pepper stops coughing.

- breast cancer: wheat that aren’t peeled and cabbage have maintained estrogen substance that fights cancer.

14 - Lung cancer: oranges and vegetables contain a type of an antibiotic vitamins (beta carotene) can fight against lung cancer.

15 - Sore: Cabbage contains chemicals that help in the treatment of ulcers.

16 - Diarrhea: eating unripe apple with its skin.

17 - Problems of the arteries: Avocado contains material monounsaturated fat or offices lead to lower cholesterol material.

18 - High blood pressure: olive oil lowers blood pressure, and that material located in celery it reduces high blood pressure, too.


19 - blood sugar: The broccoli and groundnuts (peanuts) slaves help to regulate insulin and blood sugar.