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Healing Operations

We have picked for you some of diseases conditions that have different causes which undergone healing through spiritual energy radiation:

1- The case of 21 year old young man infected in leukemia which led to decrease the number of the blood cells to 30000 while the usual number in a normal body is 250000.

After the indirect way of mental focus operation which means the patient in a place and the healer is somewhere else, we have raised the level of fluctuation of vital energy within the cells in the body atoms spiritual energy through radiation, till it reached the level he could renew growth and increase his blood cells, that exceeded the normal level, amounting to 500,000 in less than a week and then left the hospital after he was sure of the medical and his health status inside the hospital.

2- A man has a 65-year-old was the situation of the absence of consciousness or coma and unconscious movement for a long period of time.

After upgrading bio-energy has any degree of fluctuation energy of life returned to the waking state and then regained normal and left the hospital on the fourth day.

3- Tumor on the kidneys: the medicine was unable to determine what it is, although many of the tests that the patient underwent the medicine was unable to treat, although the period in which the patient underwent surveillance for a long period.

Has removed the tumor, the same method mentioned.

4- We have also healed two psychological cases in the same way: Autism

Schizophrenia and they are back to their normal status.

Suffice five cases that have been mentioned to say that it is able to high-level mental ability:

- Cure all disease states even before we determine its type (3).

- Cure cases of intractable to treatment (1-4).

- Healing psychological conditions (4).

- We healed all cases, even if the distance exceeded in a case (3) thousands kilometers.

The disease condition is an abnormal condition for the body because they lead to a satisfactory manifestations such as tumors, weakness or stop the work of the organs of the body, the emergence of microbes or bacteria, high or low fever… This is caused by a decrease in vital energy, or the so-called weak immune toward the new intruder.

Raising the degree of fluctuation in the atoms cells lead to the prevention of all diseases, including those that lead to death, The entry of new energy to the body through a high degree of slumping restores the body to a pre-injury because they are active work full organ to the situation existing in the body etheric, which can not contain any disease situation so the body becomes immunity. The above is what has been achieved so far.

What will work on currently is to apply this method to those who lost their hand or foot or any other organ, this is because the body surrounded by another body and it’s an ethereal body, if the human lost his hand for example, by raising the degree of fluctuation of body energy, would lead to the growth of a new hand as it was previously through the etheric template for hands, who have still exists "across the etheric body. (The template ethereal exists for each existence. If we take the nucleus of any kind of trees we notice that it reserves within the whole scheme of existence which include all specifications which will reach by having completed their growth in terms of shape, color, taste, smell, with the smallest details... This is the etheric body, which contains all of the above, as it gives us vital degree in the physical body).

Can re-add a hand that have been cute or amputated leg, because the aura of belonging to the one missing organ still exist, and systems can be imaged via photography that is made for that.

Reloads are depending on this template identical with the original. There are species of animals that sprout teeth like Komodo lizard, where the new grows behind the old.

The man who be able to raise the fluctuation of another body surely be able to implement it on his body, and opens the brain cells of his are much higher than they are in humans (5% to 15% in general, which reached 15-17% with Einstein) because of the internal activity of the mind in humans and which exceeds the possibilities of the physical activity of the mind by far.

Since the mind is capable of resisting all diseases, is surely able to continue renewing cells, which generate new cells all the time, to the date of time determined by the future.

Spiritual mind can Raises the fluctuation of atoms entity as a whole cells to become a state which is not visible to the naked eye and then move it to another place where restores through condensation of atoms return to the first case.

Some might say that the man by this way they may overcome the will of the Creator, we tell them that this is not true because man was found from the same God, and since God is imperishable it is natural that the man be so too. Since the healing through medication therapy is a natural way of trying to resist death, and this method is not considered divine infringement of the law only because we got used to the medication and other treatments. The new method, which we have said is nothing more than a very advanced stage, "the goal of maintaining the humanitarian entity, and will get used to them when they circulate.

If some people asked what the human could do after the he becoming immortal, "we say that this is just a step, but work and continuing the evolution does not stop here but there are a lot left for us to do.

In the end result cannot be achieved only through reading, but must work to achieve it. We hope that this subject will be a boost "for those who seek the evolution of humanity that exceed their resources and capabilities for all appeared or will appear now."

Fate and destiny: the judiciary is under each body changes from the development and growth and the destiny is non-self-subject to any change, despite the content of information related to the disposal of stocks and can be called human reservoir information. We can re-edit the variables that occur on the body via make changes to the self through spiritual energy radiation that never implemented "but the body is unable for various reasons, the possibility to take advantage of them because of ignorance resulting from past and present errors committed against himself and against others.

Interact energy full entity humanitarian it even can self cleaning and returning self-practice "as if I was born again. Should focus to raise the fluctuation of the body even accelerate vibrations and the degree of speed level where you cannot for diseases of the presence or live, leading to her disappearance, and the return of the body of the state of complete serenity.

The degree of this energy level is much higher than the level of physical activity. This Radiation spiritual activity is tantamount to the birth of a new physical current age formation or by the age that we want.

Each organ of the body organs implicitly "full outline of the shape and vitality she was supposed to be and what is needed is a catalyst to restore the situation to the initial situation that was it.

This does not mean that a man can maintain or continue to maintain the status regenerative lasting forever and the reason is that human life interact and affected all his work in the surroundings of social positively and negatively. "If there is a means to stimulate cell regeneration there is also" The effects may be lessor abound according to the degree of awareness of stimuli that adversely affect, the state of regeneration, even if some of the events may consume the bulk or even the entire bio-energy, which is no longer possible with the re-cell regeneration depends then time for this object.


In short we cannot reach the degree will enable us to activate the spiritual energy of radiation only if the degree of development reached our consciousness to a high stage of development of this awareness.