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Science of Subconsciousness

1 - Internist awareness.

Internal awareness began before the physical human existence, in the moment that God created human spiritual condition. Science continues as long as he still exist, and ends at the end of his role here on this earth. Found to test the material world through the physical senses, but continues the mystical world through esoteric senses to achieve its reason of existence and gain awareness through the world of matter tests.

2- Power of Internal mind.

Since the human configuration consists of physical and spiritual in same time, the mind plays the role of a communication link between the physical composition and composition of the unphysical, because it consists of two complementary parts mind physical and spiritual mind, or the so-called inner mind. Human to be able to communicate continuously with the inner mind he must have reached to an advanced degree of sophistication. What's that have reached the fifth class to have completed the development of the inner mind, which means having the capabilities and wide (Healing, the transfer of the physical body within the physical world, influence the physical world, the transfer of the entity to the world of metaphysics ....) Including the possibility of healing while the presence or without the presence of the patient, and without the disease is transmitted to the entity. This ability is associated with a high degree of intellectual focus, completely calm, serenity procedure, high volatility of energy or prana, so that the mind can direct the spiritual energy or radiation, which already mentioned about situation required her recovery, the same method is being done for any other work.

3 - Permanent renewal of the cells.

Since the beginning was the idea that inspire our minds, that everything on the Earth's surface, even the earth itself will come to an end no matter how long that time is. This is what they offer us the most considerate: that all are born to die, even science says that the Earth's end, so what about humans.

Despite earlier that the idea planted deep "in our souls, there are those who seek to overcome this barrier, namely the barrier of death and this is normal. You will try to review some" of these attempts:

1 - The use of animals (pigs, rats) for the cultivation of human organs and re-use alternative spare parts for those who lost one of its organs as an arm, foot or ear…

2 - Replacement of the affected parts with mechanical organ.

3 - The transfer of an organ of a dead body to another body that needs it.

4 - Freeze the body of the deceased to be the discovery of the elixir of life in the future, giving it a new opportunity to return to life again.

5 - Some body injection drugs to eliminate the killer cells in the blood and keep the other cells that maintain life.

6 - Genital injection using materials eliminate the desire forever, leading to preserve the semen, which gives us life energy.

7 – Through contacting objects that live underground or outside such as Subterranean, UFO and Arthurian and other objects, which claims that the civilization brought their bodies to the case of immortality, and would like to transfer their knowledge to us.

If all of the above is nothing more than attempts did not reach yet the result that enables us to be taken as reliable base to reach immortality or to maintain a permanent youth, even temporarily.

If scientists have not been able so far to make us overcome the barrier of death and if the other objects do not provide us of this mystery, despite the long years that some people spent to contact with them, and are still waiting for the promised date 2012 and later for their appearance. Some people have to look for other ways.

In order to understand the idea of ​​how to get to the continuity of the body or eternity we have to go back to start. Our world is made ​​up of the world of inanimate objects - plant - animal and human.

In the world of inanimate objects:

Science has reached to identify about 200 element, these elements consist of the same configuration: (Electron - proton - neutron) But since it has the same configuration, how we have become so many things in front of us and what is the essence of existence, the answer is to increase the number of atoms accelerated basic configuration cells.

This means that if science could control acceleration and the number of atoms becomes possible to control the existing elements as possible to create new materials and components and control of the material universe.

In the plant world:

If exposure to one of the branches of the tree cutting for some reason observe the emergence of another branch substitute for it, and if the forest is exposed to combustion, for example, we note that it back again to appear after a period of time.

There are also thousands of years old trees can stud itself through to give us new buds and new seeds for new trees.

In the animal world:

The birds lose their feathers and renew its life when they get new feathers. Snakes can change the old skin and get a new one, and can restore the amputee part of her fault after a period of time and automatically, and that there is a complete transformation of the silkworm to the butterfly and worm crawling case to the case of aviation.

In the human world:

It's our world and it is what we mean of all the foregoing, we note that the fingernails and toenails and hair of the head and face and the rest of the body back to growth after each cut or remove. The wounds and some skin sores healed and new skin appears substitute after time.

The foregoing and what we mentioned was its goal to draw attention to the case of renewal and continuity in a manner that is in the world in which we live. After that we know that man is the most advanced among all these worlds, we realize that we can do what all those worlds can do and even more especially that we possess in addition to everything mentioned feelings more sophisticated, mind and spirit and scalability for rapid development and accelerating the better.

But how is that: so that we can inform you of this we should tell you about our own experience in this field.

All that we will mention is based on science and proven fact and truth and it has nothing to do with witchcraft or magic or science fiction and too far away from the illusion it is a reality.

After many years of research and application we have developed the relationship between the virtual awareness, which depends on the five senses and thinking and between inner awareness of the correct source of spiritual knowledge and through the acquisition of theoretical knowledge to this awareness and the application of what has been gained on the ground.

The realization of the connection was between the virtual awareness and inner awareness led to the acquisition of different capabilities, based on the ability of mental concentration resulting in a high energy level.

Man has seven spiritual centers linked to his entity. When developing awareness and control the work of the energy centers seven, after that up work to full effectiveness, and upon the arrival of rights for an advanced degree and very sophisticated becomes can full control this energy through the power of focus mental spiritual or esoteric becomes property have, making it the property for many of the capabilities of them and that can mentioned here:

1 - Navigation through time and space by all of the following esoteric objects: the etheric body, the planetary body, the mental body internist.

2 - Control of Temperature of the body: raising or lowering the body temperature (to deal with the heat or cold weather, for example).

3 - Reduce heart rate and accelerates blood circulation (to stop bleeding).

4 - Partial or total anesthesia to relieve the pain.

5 - Full speed up the healing process: This is the point directly related to our subject, so we'll show you some pathological cases that highlight the ability of the mind and its effect on the physical body.

4 - Transfer of awareness from one place to another.

There are several ways within the esoteric science of the transfer:

4-1 ethereal Navigation:

Etheric body is the second body within seven esoteric objects, is the spiritual center of the bottom and genitals through the orange color represents life energy. A link between the physical body and the rest of the objects which he receives messages from the physical body and transmitted to the rest of the objects and vice versa. Can be moved to anywhere within our solar system and at the speed of thought goes and come back, during his existence in the place of destination can use all the esoteric senses as hearing and look to carry out useful information for example, and return it via internists memory to virtual memory awareness.

4-2 planetary Navigation:

Planetary body is the third in a body of esoteric objects, the spiritual center is located at the navel (solar plexus), represented by the color yellow emotions - love - tender. Has every possibility of the etheric body as well as he can move to the world of metaphysics or planetary level, from first world level to third world level within the seven worlds. Through the planetary body can be carried on the result of our positive and negative acts entering the world of Nirvana and the highest of it, as the memory can be accessed to see the cosmic history of past events.

4-3 mental Navigation:

Mental body (awareness of virtual and awareness internist) is the fourth body in objects esoteric, the spiritual center is placed at the heart and represents over green mind internist in addition to the capabilities of the body etheric and body planetary and the mental body unlimited possibilities and no limits for the place or even the time for the one who seeks for it and each idea for it could be doable.

4-4 completely transition of the physical body:

It is intended to transfer the body from the place in which it is to another place determined by itself. It is done by raising the degree of fluctuation of atoms which forms the physical & visual body to fluctuate the case of immaterial and invisible thought, In this case, the body still exists in the first place, but the situation is not visible, After the second place is determined the intellectual status moves to the body to that place and then be returned to the state constitution through intensifying physical degree of fluctuation of the intellectual status of the body for normal physical condition. Goal of the foregoing is finding the self-development of the human first and finding a way faster than the used way. It is performed without exposure to the risks of regular travel, lack of cost, and access to longer distances... To achieve this stage you must access to virtual mental body awareness through internal awareness which then allows the transfer of the physical body.

W - Special programs will be introduced later.

1 - Detect the components of nature

Revolves around us a lot of secrets that aren’t understandable and looking for answers like: Building Pyramids, flying saucers, the possibility of the existence of other objects, organisms inhabiting the earth, the Bermuda Triangle. You will find answers to situations that helps detect, assistance in scientific development...

2 - Distance education.

In order to continue this approach that we're talking about and develops even more we should transfer it to eligible who are able to provide better than we did... To access all what has been mentioned it should achieve a very important step on the road to development, and it is direct knowledge, which is process of developing awareness of the senses virtual culture and the application of knowledge that leads to awaken the awareness of Internal Medicine, which lead to the case of the merger. Followed by the acquisition of wisdom any act appropriately at the appropriate time and is thus achieve direct knowledge.

The curriculum will be offered to the esoteric sciences, after the completion of the preparations in order to be the level of spiritual healing program, which is part of this approach.

Information underground.

The relations between fingers of the hand and the esoteric objects:

1 - Center of the wrist down of the palm (the physical body: between the anus and the genitals).

2 - Thumb (I): (etheric body: the deficit).

3 - Middle finger (III): (planetary body: the solar plexus: the navel).

4 - Pinky. Little finger (V): (mental body: the heart).

5 - Forefinger. Second finger after thumb: (Body Wisdom: the thyroid gland: the center of the throat).

6 - Ring finger. Fourth finger: (overall awareness of the body: the pineal gland: the center of the forehead).

7 - Center of the palm (the spiritual body radiation: the pituitary gland: Vertex).

Link of the fingers connection:

1 - The head of thumb pituitary gland at the top of the head. The center of the thumb is linked to the lungs.

2 - The second finger after the thumb in the large bowel.

3 - The third finger is linked to the blood circulation and sex.

4 - Little finger connected to the heart. When touching the thumb and middle finger stream is directed towards bioenergy respiratory in order to calm the mind.